Tuesday, June 16, 2015


BH Cosmetics is very well known in the beauty blogging community for their awesome eyeshadow palettes. With so many popular Bloggers and YouTubers standing behind their products, I figured it was about time I try some things out. For my first order, I decided on the Contour & Blush 6 Color Palette and the Foundation and Concealer 10 Color Palette. I also ordered a brush set, which I will be reviewing further in it's own dedicated post.

Contour & Blush Palette 

There are two color options in the Contour & Blush Palette that you can choose from. Contour & Blush 1 is for more directed towards lighter complexions and Contour & Blush 2 is directed towards deeper complexions. I chose Contour & Blush 1 after reading reviews that it is very pigmented and actually works for medium skin tones as well. The price of this palette is $18.95.
Initially, I was surprised at how pigmented the shades were. The deep brown is EXTREMELY pigmented and if not careful can end up looking a little too ruddy on the skin. The pink blush colors are very pigmented too, so a little product goes a long way. My favorite colors are the middle, yellow toned shade and the peachy pink, flesh tone on the far left of the second row. The white shade is AMAZING for highlighting. It is very pigmented as well and has a soft sheen to it. I love adding this to my contour and highlight routine now. This palette could really work for med-deep skin tones too. In my opinion, this really wouldn't be the best choice for fair-light complexions, but light-medium to medium-deep are more ideal tones. I thought this palette would be great for my freelance work so that I have a more universal palette for contour, highlight and blush. 

Foundation & Concealer Palette

There are so many foundation and concealer palettes out there so I was really curious to see the quality of the BH Cosmetics Foundation & Concealer 10 Color Palette. At the price of $16.95, was it really to good to be true? Like the Contour & Blush palette, there are two different shade ranges to choose from; one being for light-medium complexions and the other being for medium-deep complexions. I chose the Foundation & Concealer Palette 1 for light-medium skin tones. 
My initial reaction when I opened this palette was, "Where's all the product?" There's very little amount of product in each shade. Which is surprising to me since this is considered a "foundation" AND concealer palette. While they do give off a dense amount of color, they feel a little too oily for normal-oily skin types. The BH Cosmetics site lists them as oil-free and for all skin types, but I would really only recommend them for more normal-dry or very dry skin types. They have to be set with powder but once they are, they don't blend very evenly on the skin. I originally bought this palette for my freelance kit, but I am afraid to use it on clients with oily skin. So, I think this will be more of a product I use on dry skin clients or just play around with on myself. 

Final Thoughts:

In review, I think these are two palettes that would really work well for beginners who are looking to spend their money wisely and get more variety of product in a convenient location at a good price. But quality wise, if you are a professional makeup artist or have higher end products that you prefer and are interested in these palettes as an alternative, save your money and splurge on something a little more high end or high quality. 

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