Skincare Specialist turned Eyebrow Expert and Beauty Enthusiast. 
Jessica's fascination with makeup goes back as far as 3 years old when she was caught stealing her Mom's lipstick and properly applying it (and eating it too) all over her lips, which in those days included the entire cheek and chin region as well. Dreaming of being a hairstylist until her first year of college, she changed her plans and enrolled in beauty school with intentions of pursuing a career as an Esthetician. Falling in love with the skincare industry was far from expectations, but in the end could not have been a more perfect path for her.

While she's come a long way from the days were lipstick covers her entire face, she has still maintained her love for makeup while working in multiple realms of the industry. In 2010, she was trained by celebrity makeup and brow artist, Sara DeLuca of Denver, CO. Learning a unique, tweezing-only technique, Jessica has continued to work as a freelance brow artist in the DMV and FL regions. From 2012-2014, Jessica worked as a Skincare Consultant for Origins and Professional Makeup Artist for Esteé Lauder. Currently, she is working as a Freelance Brow Expert in Tampa, FL while taking on the creative content industry.

takeonbeauty is a lifestyle blog that features Jessica's take on all aspects of the definition of beauty. Not only focusing on makeup and skincare, product reviews, and tutorials, but also the beauty of food, family, and friends. Enjoy!

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